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Show & Feis Information


This page offers parents and students information to help them experience shows and competitions in the most successful, fun and stress-free manner possible.

FI Dancers Feis & Performance Info

Dance Bag Checklist

Team Make-Up Video

Feis Reports

RTN Feis Speeds

Soft Shoe

Reels: Beginner 124, Intermediate - Champion 113

Light Jigs 116 (Beginner & Intermediate only)

Single Jig: 124

Slip Jig: Beginner 124, Intermediate - Champion 113

Hard Shoe

Treble Jig 92 (Beginner-1 step, Intermediate), 73 (Novice - Champion)

Hornpipe 138 (Intermediate), 113 (Novice - Champion)

Traditional Set Dances

  • St. Patrick's Day 92
  • Blackbird 138
  • Job of the Journeywork 138
  • Garden of Daisies 138
  • White Blanket 124
  • King of the Fairies 130
  • 3 Sea Captains 92
  • The Hunt 125

hard shoes

Flying Irish Feiseanna

New England Championships, Fitchburg, MA, 11/4/17 & 11/3/18*

*Qualifying Championship for RTN Nationals & CRDM Worlds and All Irelands

Flying Irish Spring Feis, Leominster, MA, 4/28/18

Flying Irish Feis, Facebook group


Irish Dance Organizations

Rince Tuatha Nua (RTN--the Flying Irish's organization)

Rince Tuatha Nua Feiseanna

RTN's American National Championships

Cumann Rince Dea Mheasa (CRDM--RTN is affliated with CRDM)

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