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Read the information on the rest of this site, including the Parents' Handbook, to determine which items you need for classes, shows and competitions.

Dance basics for all dancers: shoes, socks, practice music, class attire.

Rutherford Shoes

Girls Reel Shoes (leather sole for beginners only)

Jig Shoes (Sound Blaster Tips required for Novice - Champion dancers)

Beginner Jig Shoes

Poodle socks (ankle height for shows/competitions), sock glue, music CDs, accessories

Buy shoes from a dedicated Irish Dance shoe merchant (such as Rutherford) ONLY or you may be sold shoes that do not fit properly (and which will have to be replaced with ones that fit prior to performances & competitions). If it is your first time ordering shoes, Rutherford will walk you through the process.

Flying Irish logo merchandise/class uniforms:

NEPA/Blue Heron

Class Uniform: black logo shorts, green logo tee

1st year beginner Costume: purple polo

Also, Flying Irish Track Suits, duffle bags, shoe bags, baseball hats & more.

Flying Irish Team Costumes

Team dresses fpr Intermediate & up are made in-house and ordered in September. Beginner costumes are ordered by a dancer's family, directly through the vendors listed, but must be ordered in early fall to ensure the items are available.

Beginner skirts & leotards, Team Dresses, Vests

Prime Order Forms

Prime Policies

1st Year Beginners

Skort:: 2 tab scooter in Green, order from French Toast
Purple FI polo—order from NEPA/Blue Heron
Hair Bow: $5, order from dance teacher
Bun cover hairpiece (or must have banana curls in hair)
Sundries: ankle length poodle socks, sock glue; make up for girls over age 6

Team Hairpieces

Irish Wigs: Lexy Bun Wig (color swatches in studio)* for Beginner & Intermediate dancers up to U11.

Camelia Rose:

Alliyah or Double Lucy Bun Wig for team dancers ages 11 & up or Novice & up.

Robyn full wig for solo costumes (or bun wig if preferred).


Required for shows (over age 6); optional for solo competitors under age 12.

Mehron stage makeup

Celebre HD Cream Foundation (201),Barrier Spray (optional) (145), Mehron Lip Rouge (103N) in Velvet Rose*, lip liner (206N) in Raisin, Mehron Powder Blusher (202) in RW (rosewood)

Stage foundation will not bleach out a person's skin under stage lights. Stage makeup stays on longer and when a dancer sweats. *On some people Velvet Rose is pink, not berry (go for a berry shade).

Non-stage makeup options: foundation; black or onyx waterproof masacara; black eyeliner (upper & lower lids); Maybelline eyeshadow duo #40 Lasting Lilac; Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor #610 HD Addition Dependance (UPC 0997-8161-12); lipliner to match lip color; blush.

Team Make-Up Video

hard shoes



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